Independant On-line, Aids project tours the country, 6 September 2004

The sectoral education and training authority for the Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and Other Financial Services (Fasset) will be hosting roadshows on HIV/Aids awareness in all nine provinces this month.

Attendance is free and open to all organisations that are levy-paying members of the Seta.

The roadshows, to be held in all nine provinces, are designed to raise awareness around HIV/Aids within the sector.

This has become very important as research has shown that the HIV infection rate is now increasing rapidly within the white collar environment.

There are over 4,5-million South Africans who are already HIV positive.

Although not all employees may be infected by the virus, many of them are likely to have acquaintances, colleagues, friends or even family members who are infected with the virus.

The intention of the programme is to dispel myths about how the infection is spread, and to educate employees about how the disease can be prevented.

Information will be provided on HIV/Aids testing and the medication that is available to treat the disease. It is hoped that by providing delegates with a far better understanding of how HIV/Aids affects people, they will be better able to help and support those infected with the virus.

The short-term costs of HIV/Aids will be described, and tools will be provided to calculate the HIV/Aids risk in members' own businesses.

Attendees will also be told how to minimise the risk of HIV/Aids in their own organisations.

By raising awareness around HIV/Aids, the Seta hopes more companies will be convinced of the need to implement HIV/Aids policies within their own organisations.

Fasset has also produced a practical guideline to assist organisations to implement HIV/Aids Education and Training Programmes in their own organisations.

The guideline is available from Fasset's Call Centre on request. The number is 086-101-0001. Visit Fasset's Website at

This article was originally published on page 3 of The Star on September 06, 2004






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