All Africa, Global Fund Adopts Mass Media Drive to Raise Profile, 3 September 2004

BuaNews (Pretoria)

Candace Freeman

The Global Fund has launched a mass media campaign in an effort to raise increased awareness and funding for their fight against HIV and AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis (TB).

The Global Fund is a Geneva based international non-governmental organisation that supports the worldwide fight against, HIV, AIDS, Malaria and TB.

The launch took place in Paris yesterday under the theme "big problems require big solutions."

A statement released following the launch explained the chosen strategy for the campaign saying it was necessary to use a global solution in battling global killer diseases that killed six million people yearly.

"In order to reach its ambitious goals and fight these diseases, the whole world must be mobilised and engaged.

"The objective of this media campaign is to raise public awareness of the Global Fund, as global financing mechanism, recipient of funds from governments, institutions and other partners, and as the source of funds for agencies on the ground and to capture the work of the Global Fund and thus the commitment of donors," said the statement.

The print campaign includes three separate images: "The Helicopter", "The Ship" and "The Truck".

These symbols put emphasis on the direct aid provided by the Global Fund.

"The objects chosen to symbolize prevention and treatment - a surreal, giant tube of anti-malaria medicine, a capsule and a syringe - inhabit differing environments as well as modes of transport," said the statement.

Executive Director of the Global Fund Professor Richard Feachem said the Fund existed through both public and private funding.

"We have an obligation to make ourselves known, both what we do and what our goals are. This media campaign is a first step in raising our profile and gaining support for our global program," he said.

Over 40 magazines and newspapers have to date agreed to support the Global Fund campaign, including daily newspapers, news magazines, women's publications, television magazines and leisure publications.

The campaign will be rolled out simultaneously in Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Japan from November.




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