Independant On-line, Zambia's Mumba takes Aids test in public, 1 September 2004

Lusaka - Zambian Vice-President Nevers Mumba has taken an HIV test and urged others in the Aids-afflicted southern African country to follow suit.

Mumba took the test late on Tuesday at a newly established HIV testing centre in the capital Lusaka and disclosed the result on Wednesday.

"It is a double-edged sword issue but I am happy with the results," Mumba said.

Mumba is the third high prominent Zambian to undergo an HIV test at the same centre after former president Kenneth Kaunda and Sports Minister Gladys Nyirongo.

'It is a double-edged sword issue but I am happy with the results'
Mumba, who is also a tele-evangelist, said he "withheld" the result of the test because he did not want others who took the test to feel pressured to disclose their status.

"I hope my colleagues will gain courage to be tested," Mumba said.

One in every five Zambians is said to be HIV positive.

About 12 000 people are currently benefiting from subsidised anti-Aids drugs and the government hopes to put another 100 000 people on the programme by the end of next year. - Sapa-AFP




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