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About Us

Journ-AIDS is aimed at stimulating more in-depth and analytical reporting on HIV/AIDS in South Africa. A major focus of the Journ-AIDS programme is to develop resources to inform media reporting on HIV/AIDS.

Journ-AIDS Website

This is an online resource for journalists which contains the following features:

  • Fact sheets on HIV/AIDS and related issues in South Africa

  • Key documents such as policy and cabinet statements relating to HIV/AIDS

  • A searchable contacts and projects database that journalists can consult when looking for experts to comment on key issues relating to HIV/AIDS in South Africa

  • Documents to practical reporting guidelines for journalists covering HIV/AIDS

  • Links to free online scientific publications on HIV/AIDS and related news groups

  • A searchable archive of HIV/AIDS related news articles from Southern African news sources and international media

The Journ-AIDS website (www.journ-aids.org) aims to be a research portal that researchers can consult when undertaking research on media reporting on HIV/AIDS.

Previous Activities

  • The Journ-AIDS Network in collaboration with the AIDS Law Project developed a Draft Ethical Guideline in reporting on HIV/AIDS for the South African Media. The guideline gives particular attention to the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS, gender and HIV/AIDS, the rights of children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS and the roles and responsibilities of media practitioners in covering the epidemic.

  • Journ-AIDS staff have provided capacity development to media institutions through supporting in-service training programmes and newsroom discussions on HIV/AIDS.

  • Journ-AIDS has collaborated with and provided technical support to existing training programmes targeting media practitioners in reporting on HIV/AIDS.

  • Journ-AIDS has also provided support to academic institutions for the integration of HIV/AIDS into existing journalism and media studies courses.

  • To facilitate networking the Journ-AIDS Electronic Discussion Forum was established for media representatives to discuss issues relevant to media reporting on HIV/AIDS.

  • The Journ-AIDS Roundtables provide the opportunity for media to network and discuss issues confronting journalists in reporting on HIV/AIDS. In addition HIV/AIDS experts are invited to address the Roundtable on issues identified by journalists to facilitate networking between media and HIV/AIDS experts.


Journ-AIDS obtained seed funding from USAID through the Johns Hopkins University Centre for Communications Programmes for its programme in South Africa.

Journ-AIDS Contacts

Jackie Mondi: jackie@cadre.org.za
Phillipa Tucker: phillipa@cadre.org.za



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